We host eSports leagues for teams across Atlantic Canada.

Launching in 2020, AGN will be hosting leagues for several different games, as well as development programs.

About our Leagues

Our goal is to provide our players a great gaming experience. We are dedicated to providing players with the very best opportunity to enjoy gaming in a fun, safe and competitive atmosphere. REGISTRATION INFORMATION: The number of players/teams will be limited and applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The Atlantic Gaming Nexus strongly recommends that you send your application as soon as possible to ensure your entry into our leagues.

2020/2021 Registration Now Open

Games on Saturdays starting in mid-October

Teams of 3 Players

$50 CAD per player


Games on Sundays starting in mid-October

Individual Teams (1 Player)

$50 CAD per player


Prize Pool

If minimum required number of teams are met - the prize pool for Rocket League will be $600 CAD and for NHL it will be $200. 


- Leagues run 8 weeks (1 week reserved for tiebreakers and or practice before playoffs). Playoffs begin on week 9. League determines seeding for playoffs. - Bo5’s for all league matches & playoffs except playoffs finals are Bo7. League matches are set by the players. - DGH Stadium + US-East servers. - 4 groups for league matches. Top 4 from each group move on to playoffs. Each group randomly generated.


- All matches must be played during the scheduled week, if one team cannot play, that week’s match is forfeited. - League matches must be played in series mode, if server crashes, individual match screenshots must be taken (proof of winning the series/games must be provided in case of contest) - Lying about match scores will result in removal from the league. - 1 sub allowed per team - If the server crashes or a player disconnects within the first minute, and before the first goal is scored, the server must be restarted, no questions asked. If disconnection happens later, the player must reconnect as quickly as possible. - Toxicity towards other league members, whether on the team or not is not allowed under any circumstance, and shall be punished, either by penalty or removal, depending on the severity of the actions. All players must join the designated discord server for league information, as well as means of contacting teams

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